CHV Featured: Feeling (2)

CHV Featured: Feeling (2)

A pill for younger skin, stronger nails or healthier hair.

Dietary supplements often also have benefits for the skin. But are they equally efficient? like creams? “Supplements can certainly supporting role in skin care”, says Sofiee Noppe. “But our body does not consider the skin, nails and hair as necessary and will beg other organs first. The rest eventually ends up with skin and hair. If you want to see any effect, do you need beauty supplements long enough to use." Exactly how long depends on the seriousness of the deficiencies you have. “But after generally after  three months you would be able to see results.”

Collagen for firmer skin, hair and nails

The CH.V Collagen SmartFilm from Primine consists of hydrolyzed marine collagen (from tilapia), hyaluronic acid, elastin and vitamin C. Stick the filmon the inside side of your cheek, making your body absorb collagen 92% better according to the manufacturer


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