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CHV Tested :

Heard about Primine?

Today I'm talking about Primine, a collagen-based supplement for skin, hair and nails.

This is however a bit different from the usual supplements we find around. Its peculiarity is to be taken orally, but just put it inside the cheek before going to sleep and it will be completely absorbed by the body after 10-30 minutes.

It has a very light mint and lemon flavor and contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and elastin, all ingredients that make the skin literally FABULOUS!

In fact, collagen is super important for skin, nails and hair to increase elasticity, provide nourishment and hydration.

My impressions

I can definitely assure you that it does what it promises, my skin since I started taking it a month ago (one pack lasts 30 days) has significantly improved, my nails tend to flake less and I notice stronger hair.

The period prior to taking the CHV SmartFilm my skin was not in great shape, with various imperfections. My hair was also a veteran of the famous period of chestnuts, in which hair tends to break and fall out in an absurd way. But after taking the collagen everything is back better than before.

By the way, given the period, I think it could also be a great Christmas present.

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