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    CHV Tested:

    annaagesgracefully review of CHV smartfilm with collagen hyaluronic acid anti aging skin repair anti wrinkle

    CHV COLLAGEN : Critical

    When I was approached by the Primine company, they indicated that they were looking for critical testers for their product that would soon be launched on the Dutch market. I was curious and when it turned out that there were no snags (I never do collaborations again, actually because I don't think the "hassle" surrounding such an article is worth it). Anyway, I received a nice box and was able to get started.


    The big difference with other collagen providers is that this is not a powder or tablet form, but a "gelatin" sheet that you "stick" to the inside of your cheek half an hour before going to sleep. How simple do you want it? Handy to take, it takes a few days to find the best place and I also found it to get used to the taste (lemon / mint as if you have a dollop of toothpaste in your mouth).

    CHV four in one repair


    The skin dissolves quickly, they indicate half an hour, but I really notice that it has completely disappeared after about 20 minutes. You get used to the taste quickly and you just don't have to sit there. That is just a few days to try (you are inclined to always feel with your tongue where it is, whether it is still right, whether it is already dissolving haha bit if you used to change and keep going into that open cavity with your tongue ).


    In the email exchange it was indicated that I would see the first result after 2 weeks, yes, I said yes, you know that I am 50 and maybe it will all take a little longer? No they said believe us now. Of course I didn't, I've been blogging for 7 years now and the claims that companies make to their product should really be taken with a grain of salt, don't you?

    After about 10 days I do see and notice a difference, my cheekbones seem "tighter" and the skin under my neck also looks supple and firm, hmmm would it really? After 30 days, the product is now on, I really think that my skin is considerably firmer. The nose-lip fold that I had filled with filler in December looks even nicer and smoother. I don't have many wrinkles so I don't see much of a difference but the skin just feels like it's tighter. I think it's a really good result.


    It is a hefty price, the product is shipped from Belgium so there are no customs costs or anything you have to worry about. A package gives you a month of product and costs € 89 .. Definitely worth a try if you want a product that does what it promises and also what you will never be able to achieve with creams.

    On their site there is extensive information - Click here - and also a good video explaining the product.

    I think it is recommended. I myself would take the next pack every other day after 1 month so that you maintain the result and you can still do twice as long with your second pack. Nice discovery, pricey but worth the money as far as I am concerned.


    * I received this product for review *

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