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    CHV Tested :

    CHV Testerd and reviewed - Collagen

    This anti-age supplement by Primine is applied via the cheek

    We know by now that collagen can do a lot for our skin, but I didn't know it could be injected through the cheek as a supplement. I always love new techniques and gadgets in the health, beauty and lifestyle field. That is why I had to try this unique supplement. I am not going to give away everything yet, but it certainly works. My skin looks more radiant and I am sharing all the insights with you! What's more, we will be raffling off a monthly pack among you, how great is that? Read on now!

    Melts in your mouth

    So what exactly is in the melt-in-your-mouth leaves of CHV SmartFilm? Of course it contains collagen and this has a skin firming effect and helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It also contains vitamin C, which contributes to skin rejuvenation and offers protection against harmful factors such as UV rays. Next, it contains Elastin, which ensures that the skin retains its elasticity and provides a good basis for the skin condition together with collagen. Finally, it also contains Hyaluronic Acid, which contributes to the hydration of the skin and ensures that the other ingredients are better absorbed. The antibacterial properties ensure that Hyaluronic Acid promotes wound healing.

    Directly absorbable

    The strength of this product lies in its direct absorption. Because the SmartFilm is absorbed 92 times better via the oral mucosa, you obtain results much sooner than, for instance, a collagen cream or collagen in the form of tablets or powders. The combination of collagen, vitamin C, elastin and hyaluronic acid really gives your skin a boost!

    Targeted result

    Many collagen products are derived from the hides or hooves of pigs and cattle. As a result, they offer lower quality collagen. Primine Ch.V. Smartfilm's collagen is of premium quality and sourced from Japanese Tilapia fish (much more sustainable), as they have a higher bioavailability and absorption rate, hydrolyzing the collagen (breaking it down to 1000dalton) so your body can absorb it better and faster.

    My experience

    In the beginning, it took some getting used to to put it in the cheek. But it soon worked itself out and fortunately the taste is not bad either. It works fine and is absorbed quickly, so you don't have to worry about it afterwards. It is easy and simple to use and shows results quickly (see above!). I am very enthusiastic about it and will definitely be using it more often.

    CHV tested and reviewed

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