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    curvacious Pinkpress review of CHV smartfilm with collagen hyaluronic acid anti aging skin repair anti wrinkle powder pill

    chv smartfilm collageen supplement ervaring review primine 7 - Korean beauty | Uniek collageen supplement getest
    As a #skincarejunkie I am always looking for new developments in skin improvement to write about and in recent years it has become clear that beauty from within plays an increasingly important role. Of course, healthy food plays a major role in this, but there are also more and more beauty supplements on the market. Such as a collagen supplement to, among other things, strengthen your skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. For example, last month I started working with the unique CHV SmartFilm collagen 'melting films', which you can read all about in this extensive review!

    chv smartfilm collageen supplement ervaring review primine 2 - Korean beauty | Uniek collageen supplement getest

    What is collagen

    Collagen is a protein that occurs naturally in your body and is part of the connective tissue. It ensures the strength of your organs, like the largest organ: your skin. So it is naturally produced by your body, but unfortunately this process decreases from the age of 25 by about one to two percent per year.

    With that you are right the reason that from this age we slowly start to notice some skin aging, such as a less firm skin/skin slackening and getting wrinkles and fine lines. But collagen also has a strengthening effect on the nails and a supportive effect for healthy hair.

    And that's where you can lend nature a hand, by partially supplementing the collagen with, for example, a collagen supplement such as CHV SmartFilm from Primine.

    Very interestingly, research has shown that a collagen supplement in the form of a SmartFilm (melting sheet) ensures that the collagen is absorbed through the oral mucosa. This ensures a 92x higher absorption and absorption in the body compared to a collagen cream, so that less high percentage of active ingredient is needed to achieve the same or even greater result.


    Ingredients of CHV

    The CHV SmartFilm contains a combination of collagen (48mg per film), vitamin C, elastin and hyaluronic acid as active ingredients. CHV SmartFilm uses hydrolyzed marine collagen derived from fish.

    • Collagen has a skin firming effect and helps to fill in wrinkles and fine lines
    • Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant with a restorative effect and contributes to a good ratio between collagen and elastin and the repair of tissues
    • Elastin provides the resilience of tissues and supports collagen in retaining the elasticity of the skin
    • Hyaluronic acid helps to give the skin a big hydration boost and ensures that the skin can retain moisture better.

    chv smartfilm collageen supplement ervaring review primine 1 - Korean beauty | Uniek collageen supplement getest chv smartfilm collageen supplement ervaring review primine 3 - Korean beauty | Uniek collageen supplement getest


    I've tried powdered collagen supplements in the past and while I definitely seemed to notice something in effect after longer use, I wasn't a fan of the texture. It dissolved poorly, leaving a grain/powder texture in a drink, had a bit of a musty taste and unfortunately my stomach didn't always respond well to it.

    When I received an email from Primine, the company behind CHV SmartFilm, asking if I wanted to try their collagen supplement in exchange for an honest review, I was immediately curious. Not only because the collagen supplement comes in a completely different form than usual, but also because it has a combination with a number of other ingredients that reinforce each other in the field of anti-age skin improvement. So it is not a cream, not a pill, not a capsule or powder in a stick, but a kind of melting sheet / 'film' that you stick in your cheek. 

    How does it work

    After you've completed your evening routine and go to bed, take a CHV SmartFilm from the package and apply it to the inside of your cheek. The taste is fresh – a combination of mint and a little lemon – after which the melting leaf releases the active substances into your body and dissolves automatically within half an hour. I have the box next to my bed and apply a film, smear my hands with hand cream and then do some reading before falling asleep. This way it was in my routine in no time.

    chv smartfilm collageen supplement ervaring review primine 5 - Korean beauty | Uniek collageen supplement getest chv smartfilm collageen supplement ervaring review primine 6 - Korean beauty | Uniek collageen supplement getest

    I have been using this product for about a month now and I actually believe that you should use a supplement like this for two to three months to be able to give a review. But, I'm making an exception for this because I'm simply starting to notice a clear difference. Without making any significant changes to my skincare routine, I noticed the following:

    – normally I notice it well on my skin when the seasons change, be it from warm to cold or vice versa. My skin is then more reactive, which manifests itself in faster red spots and 'bumps', but also by being fairly dry, sometimes even into skins and itching. With the transition from the drizzly and fresh weather after the warm temperatures of now, I don't suffer from that
    – the redness in my skin seems a lot more even, so I notice that I use less foundation and can also get rid of a foundation with a light to medium coverage
    – my hair and nails seem to be growing a bit faster than normal (although that may also be due to the warmer weather/season..)
    – but clearly the biggest difference is in how my skin feels and looks. I even notice such a clear change that I use less other beauty products in terms of build-up of serums and the like because my skin clearly feels less dry and needs less. My skin feels and looks fresher, feels more plump and has a beautiful glow. So, despite my healthy skepticism, I'm pleasantly surprised and I'm really curious if it will bring even more if I keep using it longer :)

    –> Have you ever tried a collagen supplement? If so, how is your experience? Or is it something that appeals to you to try it out?


    Price and availability

    Primine CHV SmartFilm collagen supplement is for sale via their own webshop, but can also be ordered via, for example. One pack contains a monthly supply of 30 films and costs €79.99. Good to know: there is a money-back scheme, this product is distributed from Belgium and is approved in the EU and by the Federal Agency for Food Safety (FAVV).


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