CHV Tested :

CHV Tested :

Primine CH.V Smartfilm, before&after skin, hair and nails – review

It lasted a month, then I left you all suspended… after another month I can see the difference with this groundbreaking collagen supplement: Primine CH.V Smartfilm.

Fish collagen and elastin supplement Primine CH.V Smartfilm

I saw the “before&after” and the after again. I can really say what I think about Primine CH.V Smartfilm and its collagen-based films…

Primine CH.V Smartfilm, a quick recap

Before moving on with the proper review, a recap about Primine CH.V Smartfilm is needed, especially if you’re popping here by chance.

Primine CH.V Smartfilm is a collagen supplement developed in South Korea, the heaven of ultimate skincare. Collagen supplements are very popular and you can find them pretty much everywhere and in many forms, as well as tastes. What makes Primine CH.V Smartfilm innovative is the latest technology involved combined with a performing formula.

What you receive with Primine CH.V Smartfilm - unboxing
What you receive: includes a biscuit from Antwerp, European house of Primine

Many people resort to collagen supplements to support skin youth or rebuild stronger joints. Others look for supplements to get healthy hair and stronger nails or improve their general wellbeing. Primine CH.V Smartfilm answers the call, not by miracle or empty words, but thanks to the essential role this protein plays in our bodies as the main component of our tissues.

Primine CH.V Smartfilm - formula
- Korean skincare supplement

Primine CH.V Smartfilm selected a high-quality source of collagen – a fish, a fish called tilapia – and pairs it with elastin (from fish), hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. In one system and product, Primine included four key ingredients popular in beauty and health supplements. To make this formula more effective and easier to be absorbed, Primine has developed a smart medium: the smartfilm. A thin film, long like a thumb, that dissolves slowly in our mouth while we fall asleep.

For the scientific facts, check my previous blog.
Review and before & after with Primine CH.V Smartfilm collagen supplement

How to use it

Primine CH.V Smartfilm is made so that you almost don’t feel you’re taking it. Just place a smartfilm on the wall of your mouth and go to sleep. The film will dissolve, while your body absorbs the nutrients instead of simply digesting them.

Primine CH.V Smartfilm: my review

As you know, I’m a seeker of easy and cost-efficient ways of living. It could be a multiuse beauty stick or a daily object turning into a smart beauty tool, supplements and products are no exception.

As presented earlier, a box of Primine CH.V Smartfilm contains a month-supply, 30 units individually sealed and wrapped. This brilliant solution makes the films last fresher for longer, but also travel-friendly and perfect for both a weekend out or a longer trip. I loved the fact I could take them always with me, without having the whole package in my bag. This discreet packing is a pro and the box looks like a jewellery gift!

Innovative supplement: Primine CH.V Smartfilm - technology

The way to use Primine supplement is hassle-free and suitable for the laziest person on earth. The fresh and tangy flavour feels natural; moreover, the citrusy taste and taking at bedtime both avoid the nasty sugar pick that might push you to eat more and more sweets. Taste is another positive note, although it’s completely subjective and I totally understand you might not be fond of mint and lemon. The only downside found in the usage of these films is the possibility for them to stick to your gums or teeth rather than inside your mouth. I wonder if this could negatively impact the absorption of the nutrients.
Now onto the results, the most interesting bits…

Primine CH.V Smartfilm: before&after on skin, hair and nails

I don’t consider myself special, but I think I had great potential as a Guinea pig. I’m in my 30s, I’m concerned about skin firmness and fine lines; my hair is a colourful mess and my nails split with joy. With a lot of joy – I remember it because I was working with chemicals every day when I was testing put Primine.


Primine CH.V Smartfilm - travel-friendly packaging

As a person with combo skin and concerned about ageing, there is nothing worse to get dehydrated and peeling. Dry patches look ugly but they also get really noticeable with a little powder makeup. As I result, I feel crumbling and old. The combination of collagen, elastin and HA did their work: I haven’t woken up with dry patches throughout the test and even after (although this is also a combination of a meticulous skincare routine). I felt my skin hydrated and plump, apart from the skin around my temples which are very thin and sometimes my right side jawline.

Onto the hair…

I can’t deny or hide the damage I’ve caused for which I needed and had a haircut. However, this supplement visibly reduced the breakage and particularly hair loss. The effect lasted the whole month and for a couple of weeks after completing the cycle. The effect plummeted and I’m back to losing locks every time I wash my hair.

Scratching the bottom of the review: Primine vs my nails.

Having long but decently sized nails is a personal goal of vanity but when I started the collagen cycle, my nails were brittle and stripy. They broke with ease and their surface was ridged and dry. They also flaked when I was using strong chemicals in my past work. Exactly with my hair, Primine’s formula did a great job which lasted past the end of the month. I could grow my nails longer again and they were visibly less rough and dry.

A common point in my needs is hydration: with this supplement, I could feel hydration inside out with my skin being fresh and plump. Same for my nails. My hair enjoyed a longer lifespan and I can link this directly and only to these smartfilms because my haircare routine was focused on maintaining my colour.

Posting way after the end of the treatment allowed me to see more, especially on my hair and skin. Fine lines around my eyes are more visible when I smile now that I’m without Primine. I’m quite surprised.

Nightime staple for skincare Primine CH.V Smartfilm collagen supplement

If your skin is thirsty like mine or lines are getting on your nerves. You can try CHV on the PRIMINE website with a selection of monthly supply choices if you live in the EU. The price is higher than a regular supplement but this isn’t a regular product on the shelves.

I don’t believe in miracles or miraculous treatments; I can solely trust what I see. At the end of my exam, I sincerely wanted a bit more, antiageing-wise, but I’m completely satisfied with what concerns hydration, complexion, and general wellbeing. My body feels it’s lacking something and I must acknowledge that feeling.

experience with Korean skincare supplement

I had a similar experience with a complex HA skincare routine years ago and for which I found my notes. Once it ended, my skin was orphan. So the question is: can I live without Primine? Nice question. Would I open my wallet for it? Another good question.
Would you?

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