CHV Tested :

CHV Tested :

Primine CH.V smart film for more beautiful skin, hair and nails

What is a CH.V smartfilm and can you use it to improve your skin? Recently I received a box with Smartfilm in it from Primine. It is not something you put on your skin, but it is used in a completely different way. Today I am going to introduce you to it and see if you get excited like many other ladies before me. And I am going to make someone very happy!

CH.V Smartfilm by Primine

With the CH.V SMARTFILM you can improve your skin in a friendly and pleasant way, stop hair loss, heal brittle nails and fight joint pain! The CH.V consists of no less than four (4) essential components, namely Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin and Vitamin C. This powerful compound in combination with the unique use ensures a 92x higher intake and you will experience visible results already in 2 weeks.

Why do we need this for 50 plus women (and men)?

Firstly, because we do not produce as much collagen naturally and if you want to look younger, you need to supplement it.
You will notice this especially by the deepening of your wrinkles, but also your hair will start to fall out more. And I haven't even mentioned brittle nails yet. I am already experienced in this myself, because they break all the time.
That collagen also does something for your bones is unknown to many, we only think about wrinkles, but as we get older we also run the risk of breaking something. Yes, there are other factors involved, but one of them is collagen.

The CH.V smart film is based on this and when using this ingenious booster, you get a very high intake, without having to do anything, well, you have to use it.

How to use this product

Now that we know more about what it will do to us, how you apply it is also important. And that is unique, because you don't swallow, spray or smear... no, you apply CH.V Smartfilm, on the inside of your cheek and it doesn't matter if you do it on the left or the right.

At night, when you go to sleep, you are in a 'resting mode' and all your body's energy goes into recovering. To stimulate and assist that recovery process, the substances contained in CH.V Smartfilm get to work. Armed with this healthy booster, they attack your body by penetrating the hair follicles, skin cells and connective tissue.

1: Take a bag out of the box
2: Apply to the inside of the cheek before going to sleep
3: It is fully absorbed within 10-20 minutes.

Chv being tested smartfilm

Why on the inside of the cheek?

Prof. Daniguchi and his team at H.Dokkyo University (Japan) have investigated that the absorption of collagen and hyaluronic acid is 92x (9200%) higher from the inside of the cheek than from the skin layer.
Many collagen products are derived from the hides and hooves of pigs and cattle.
This premium collagen is derived from Japanese Tilapia fish which has a higher bioavailability and absorption rate. It is also hydrolysed so that your body can absorb it better and faster.

You want to see results now?

Of course you do... because this sounds ideal! I started on 18 January... I took a before picture of course. And on 7 February, I took another photo. Time to do a comparison.

Before after CHV smartfilm review

What have I noticed?

  • Skin: My skin feels firmer anyway. The wrinkles also seem to be less deep, but I am not sure about that. What I do know for sure is that my pores are less present, of course the big holes will not disappear because of puberty, but the rest looks much better. Do my lips look fuller too? And my jawline less hamster-cheeked? You can't see or judge it that well yourself!
  • Hair: The biggest change was my hair. I quickly noticed that it feels much fuller. I have less hair loss and even new hair is visible. And is it wish or reality, but they also seem to grow faster!
  • Nails: I noticed the least change in my nails, but that is only logical, as a cycle of two to three months is required before you notice that your nails are stronger.

yustsome after using CHV

Is it worth it?

Yes, if you want firmer skin without running to the plastic surgeon first and a nicer shine and more noticeable volume in your hair, you should definitely go for a CH.V. treatment every now and then.

And I would advise you to do that 3 months a year, so that you really give your skin, hair and nails a boost... you can always cut into healthy tissue!

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