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    Vitamin C

    Face skin care benefits vitamin C healthy

    What is Vitamin C?

    Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a naturally occurring chemical found in several food items. You will find vitamin C mostly in citrus food and even in starchy food like potatoes and yam. Scientists believe that vitamin C is an essential element that human beings need to consume for healthy bones, tissues, and eyes. You will often find doctors prescribing vitamin C supplements to individuals suffering from immune system deficiency. Vitamin C is also a preferred ingredient amongst dermatologists as it is effective in removing signs of aging and can help make your skin look youthful and supple.

    Vitamin C Chemical

    1. Vitamin C helps in collagen synthesis

    Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis. The two enzymes required for collagen synthesis, prolyl hydroxylase and lysyl hydroxylase, will not stabilize without vitamin C. Prolyl hydroxylase is essential to stabilize the collagen molecule, and lysyl hydroxylase gives the collagen molecule the structural strength for cross-linking. This is essential for the synthesis to occur and ensure that the entire molecule gets absorbed into your skin.

    Benefits of Vitamin C for the skin - CHV smartfilm hair nails

    1. Vitamin C helps in the growth and repair of all tissues

    It is common knowledge that vitamin C is essential for the growth of bones and the repairing of tissues and ligaments. In addition, it helps in healing wounds by forming scar tissue. Therefore, when it comes to a skincare regime, you need to use products infused with vitamin C so that your skin can also heal. Furthermore, your skin undergoes a lot of wear and tear due to continuous exposure, and it too needs to heal. 

    1. Vitamin C can help you have healthy hair by moisturizing the scalp

    Vitamin C is a collagen booster, and this is essential to help moisturize your skin. If you have a dry scalp, it will lead to lifeless, frizzy hair. But vitamin C can help improve the quality of your scalp and moisturize it. It boosts the production of collagen that can help reduce dandruff, dryness, and rough skin. This can help promote healthy hair.

    Benefits of Vitamin C - CHV smartfilm skin hair nails

    1. Vitamin C heals brittle and slow-growing nails

    Vitamin C is essential for the growth of bones and tissues. As it acts as a collagen booster, it helps grow your bones and your skin. When you think of your nails, it is common not to think of your cuticles. But to have healthy and strong nails, you need to have strong cuticles. Vitamin C can help you have strong nails by improving the health of your cuticles. In addition, as a collagen booster, it can help improve the strength of your nails and prevent these from becoming brittle. The strength and integrity of your bones and nails depend on vitamin C. Thus; vitamin C deficiency can make your fingernails and toenails brittle.

    1. Vitamin C promotes natural skin glow

    If you want your skin to regain its natural glow, you must remove all harmful toxins from your body, and vitamin C can help you do precisely this because it has antioxidant properties. A vitamin C boost prevents bacterial growth and protects the skin from sun damage, in addition, vitamin C helps the skin in essential nourishment and improved texture.

    1. Vitamin C in CHV SmartFilm

    When it comes to easy absorption of vitamin C, it is best with CHV SmartFilm. When you apply the film to the inner cheek, it is easily absorbed into your system. Along with that, you can apply it at night before you go to bed. The light lemon and mint flavor will ensure that you have good taste in your mouth and that the nutrients are easily absorbed into your body. On using the CHV SmartFilm, you will find that your skin, hair, and nails have become healthier in a matter of days.


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