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    Collagen (Fish)

    Benefits of collagen from FIsh

    Collagen - The Perfect Ingredient To Boost Skin, Hair, And Nail Health

    Collagen supplements have become highly popular in recent years - to the extent that you would find multiple products containing this wonder ingredient every time you visit a grocery store or a pharmacy. But, what exactly is collagen, and does it really have a positive effect on your health?

    Well, the answer is yes. Collagen is the most important (and abundant) protein found in the human body. In fact, around a third of our body’s protein content is made up of collagen. This protein, made up of three amino acids, namely glycine, hydroxyproline, and proline, is most abundantly found in the skin, bones, ligaments, and tendons.

    Collagen constitutes the main building blocks of the skin. It is for this reason that people turn towards collagen supplements to delay skin aging. There are several types of collagen found naturally in our body, all of which help strengthen the skin and improve its elasticity.

    Collagen in body

    The Many Benefits Of Collagen

    Primarily secreted by the connective tissue cells, collagen plays an essential role in the human body. It is present in the dermis or middle layer of the skin, where it forms a network of fibroblasts (fiber cells) that aid in the generation of new cells. In other words, it helps in replacing the dead skin cells with healthy cells, keeping your skin firm and supple. But that's not all. It is also an essential component that helps maintain healthy nails, bones, joints, muscles. Collagen also plays a vital role in maintaining cardiovascular health.

    But, the collagen secretion in our body can be hampered for several reasons. Some of the major ones include the following-

    Excessive Sugar Consumption

    Consuming large amounts of sugar can diminish the collagen levels in the body. In fact, research has proven that sugar (glucose and fructose) links the amino acids present in collagen and elastin that support the skin structure. This interferes with their ability for self-repair.


    Smoking is not only harmful to the lungs but can also interfere with collagen production in the body. There is enough evidence to support the fact that smoking can decrease collagen synthesis in the body. This is especially noticeable for the type I and type III collagens present within the skin. This results in premature skin aging and can also hinder the process of healing wounds.

    Sun Exposure

    Too much sunlight can be detrimental to the collagen levels in the body. As per research, the UV rays of the sun can penetrate the dermal layer of the skin and break down collagen and elastin at a faster rate. This can lead to early signs of aging, like premature wrinkles.


    Last but not least, the amount of collagen produced in the body decreases as we age. Although the rate of decrease varies from person to person depending on their genetics, it's a fact that we lose some amount of collagen every year.

    No matter the reason, a drop in the collagen levels in the body can result in noticeable signs of skin aging, joint and muscle stiffness, unhealthy hair and nails, and so on. But, it is possible to restore the collagen levels in the body through the use of supplements made from collagen derived from various sources.

    What Are The Major Sources Of Collagen?

    As mentioned earlier, collagen is of several types. But, types I, II, and III are the most common types that you would find in any collagen supplement, as these play a significant role in improving skin, hair, and nail health -- Especially type I.

    Collagen is usually sourced from cows, pigs, or fish, all of which contain the types of collagen mentioned above. But, the amount of each type of collagen often varies depending on the source. Below are some of the major sources of collagen used for making health supplements.

    Bovine Collagen

    While several animals like cows, buffalos, bison, yaks, and so on fall within the category of bovines, bovine collagen is usually extracted from cows. It is derived from the bones, cartilage, connective tissues, and hides of the cows. Being a very popular source of collagen, it's no surprise that a considerable portion of the collagen supplements commonly found in stores is made using bovine sources.

    Although the collagen found in cows is quite similar to human collagen, the supplements made of bovine collagen usually contain primarily type I and type III. The combination of these two types is especially known to improve bone, skin, and muscle health.

    Bovine collagen is usually available in the market in either hydrolyzed or gelatin form. While this type of collagen is generally considered safe for oral or topical use, some minor side effects such as diarrhea, itching, and so on may be observed. Also, there is a chance that bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as mad cow disease, may also be transmitted through bovine collagen.

    Porcine Collagen

    While pork is one of the most popular types of meat consumed worldwide, porcine collagen isn't as widely used as bovine collagen. But, several studies have found that it can be just as effective as the latter, thereby making it a feasible alternative.

    Porcine collagen is derived from the bones and skin of pigs. Although the composition of amino acids in the collagen present in pigs and humans is similar, porcine collagen supplements have been regarded as inferior to other sources. This is because there have been various safety concerns related to the manufacture of porcine collagen.

    However, there have been efforts to ensure the highest safety standards in the porcine collagen production process in Europe. But even then, porcine collagen is still far less popular than bovine or marine collagen sources.

    Marine Collagen

    Marine-origin collagen is a relatively new source that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is generally considered to be safer than the other two collagen sources mentioned above.

    Marine collagen is extracted from different sources like fishes, jellyfish, sea sponges, etc. Usually, the fish’s skin is used for making different collagen supplements. But, often, the collagen supplements advertised as marine collagen are derived from freshwater fish and not from sea animals and fishes.

    Marine collagen has become increasingly popular as an alternative source of collagen within a comparatively short time due to its high safety levels. Along with containing a high amount of collagen, fishes and other marine animals usually do not contain any transmissible diseases. Moreover, it has the highest bioavailability among all the other known sources used for making collagen supplements. Marine collagen is rich in type I and type II collagen.

    After extracting the collagen from the marine biomass, it goes through the process of hydrolysis that breaks down the protein into smaller and easily digestible units called collagen peptides. As a result, it has a higher absorption rate compared to the other types of collagen and therefore is known to show faster results.

    Apart from the above reasons, the growing environmental concerns have also led to the growth of popularity for marine collagen. This is the most sustainable of all the common collagen sources as the protein can be easily extracted from discarded marine biomass, which usually consists of the skin, bones, or scales.

    Different Forms Of Collagen Supplements

    Different collagen forms

    Collagen supplements can help you deal with the health issues arising from the decline of the collagen levels naturally present within your body. Whether you want to prevent signs of skin aging and hairfall or improve bone and joint health, you have lots of options when it comes to choosing collagen supplements. Below are some of the common collagen supplements found in the market.

    Collagen Powder

    Collagen powder is one of the most popular forms of collagen supplements. The powder is easy to consume since it can be mixed in drinks like tea, coffee, milkshakes, or even sprinkled on any other dish. These are usually tasteless, so you won't notice any difference in your food. The dosage of the supplement usually varies depending on the specific needs of the individual.

    Collagen Creams and Serums

    Collagen creams and serums are highly popular among people who want to reduce signs of aging. Topical solutions like anti-wrinkle creams that contain collagen as one of the main ingredients claim to help improve the collagen levels in the skin and make it soft and supple. However, there isn't any scientific evidence to support the same.

    Collagen Pills

    Collagen supplements are also available in the form of pills or capsules, and these usually contain collagen peptides that are easier for the body to digest. The collagen pills have an effect similar to the collagen powder on the body, with the only difference being in the dosage. Usually, each capsule consists of a meager amount of collagen, which means that you may have to ingest multiple pills daily to maintain the required dosage.

    Collagen Drink

    Collagen drinks are a tastier alternative for people looking to boost their collagen levels. These contain a fixed dosage of collagen and are available in various flavors.

    Different form of collagen supplement

    But Are These Products Effective Enough To Meet Your Expectations?

    But do the above forms of collagen supplements actually work? Well, they do, at least to some extent - but may usually take a long time to show the positive effects. The main reason behind this is that when you ingest a collagen supplement orally, much of it is broken down during the process of digestion, and only a small amount, if at all, is absorbed into the bloodstream. In other words, the effects would be almost similar to eating foods rich in collagen.

    And when it comes to topical supplements like collagen-based creams and serums, the results may be very different from your expectations. You see, the collagen molecules are rather big, making it impossible to get absorbed through the skin’s outer layer. So although it can improve the skin to some extent with its moisturizing properties, topical application of collagen isn't likely to stimulate collagen production in the skin.

    So, is there a safe yet effective solution in boosting the collagen levels in your body? Well, the answer is yes! The CHV SmartFilm is a novel product that combines the goodness of fast-absorbing marine collagen to improve your overall health in no time.

    CHV SmartFilm - The Perfect Solution For Your Needs

    CHV SmartFilm is one of the most advanced collagen supplements available on the market. It's the perfect blend of high-quality collagen combined with other effective ingredients that work wonders for your overall health. Here is what distinguishes it from other common collagen-infused creams and supplements.

    An Innovative Method Of Absorption

    Unlike most other collagen supplements that are absorbed through the skin, the CHV SmartFilm utilizes the most effective method of absorption - the inner cheek area. According to research carried out by Professor Taniguchi and his team at the Himeji Dokkyo University in Japan, it has been found that the absorption rate of collagen through the inner cheek area is around 92x more than through the skin’s epidermal layer.

     This ensures that you start seeing noticeable results much quicker than any other collagen supplement. In fact, many of our customers have observed improvements in their skin, hair, nails, etc., within just two weeks of use.

    A Blend Of The Right Ingredients

    Why opt for a simple collagen supplement when you can get the benefits of 4 powerful ingredients in a single product? Our CHV SmartFilm is a highly-effective blend of collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and Vitamin C - all of which are proven to be beneficial for maintaining skin, hair, and joint health.

    The collagen used for making this supplement is sourced from the Tilapia fish of Japan. Along with having high bioavailability, this marine collagen has also been proven to be safe and effective for use. Along with improving skin health and preventing signs of aging, it's also effective in decreasing joint pain and hair loss.

    The other ingredients also help reinforce the effect of collagen. Hyaluronic acid has a moisturizing effect on the skin and scalp, promoting glowing skin and healthy hair. Vitamin C aids in collagen synthesis within the body, while elastin helps maintain skin elasticity and tissue health.

    How To Use It?

    Along with being highly effective, our CHV SmartFilm is super easy to use. The advanced oral disintegration technology ensures that the CHV SmartFilm gets absorbed quickly and easily inside your mouth.

    Take one oral film and place it within your mouth - taking care to attach it to the inner cheek area. We recommend using it just before you go to sleep for the best results. The innovative CHV SmartFilm dissolves easily within the mouth, allowing the collagen to get completely absorbed into the body in as less as 10 to 20 minutes. As a result, the product does its work even as you sleep, leaving you with radiant skin and beautiful hair and nails in no time at all!

    Just a word of caution, though. Make sure you place the product carefully in the inner cheek area. Do not place it on your tongue or swallow it, as that will lower its efficiency considerably.

    Each packet of our gluten-free product consists of 30 sachets, which are enough to last a month. You don't need to worry about any bad after-taste inside your mouth when you wake up, as our oral films come in a light and refreshing mint and lemon flavor that's hard to dislike!

    Numerous Health Benefits

    Our innovative formula enriched with effective ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and Vitamin C works wonders for your overall health. Here are some of the benefits you can get after using this product-

    Improved Skin Health

    Studies have found oral collagen supplements to be highly effective in maintaining skin elasticity and delaying dermal aging. Our oral CHV SmartFilm combines the goodness of marine collagen with other effective ingredients to improve the overall health of the skin, prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and keep the skin glowing and hydrated. In addition, the fish-derived elastin further improves skin elasticity, slowing down the aging process.

    Stronger Hair And Nails

    Say goodbye to hair loss and thinning in just a few weeks with this innovative oral collagen supplement. The right blend of ingredients keeps the scalp hydrated, promoting healthy hair growth. Combined with Vitamin C, the supplement also acts as the perfect remedy for improving weak and brittle nails.

    Healthy Joints And Muscles

    The CHV SmartFilm is an easy yet effective way of combating joint pain, especially in older individuals. The combination of fish-derived collagen and elastin helps strengthen the body tissues, leading to stronger and healthier muscles.

    Try our complete 4-in-one solution and see the wonderful results for yourself in as less as 2 weeks!


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