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    The Skin In Detail

    Human skin and how wrinkles are formed

    The skin in depth and how wrinkles are formed

    Wrinkles are a natural part of ageing, there's no denying that! There are a zillion remedies and well known scientifically backed skin facials to reverse the process or slow it down for a while. While eye creams are all well and good, the real game-changer is collagen.

    Yes, genetics also plays a vital role in determining skin structure, texture and eventually how you age. Several outside factors are involved, that can speed up ageing as well, such as sun exposure, pollutants and smoking.

    Female with wrinkles on face

    We’ve all heard about how important collagen is for our skin – the next step is obviously investing in a supplement that will do the trick and reverse time for your skin.

    However, before we jump into discussing the elixir of youth, let’s explore the connection between our skin and collagen first.

    The Skin

    Our skin is our body's largest organ. It is composed of water, minerals, fats and proteins and acts as a shield against outside germs, and simultaneously regulates our body temperature. Our skin, hair and nails are part of the integumentary (a body’s outer covering) system.

    What Are Layers Of The Skin?


    Human skin layers in detail

    The skin is composed of three layers:

    • Epidermis - the top layer.
    • Dermis - the middle layer.
    • Hypodermis - the bottom or fatty layer.

    We'll be discussing the first two in-depth.

    What Does The Top Layer Of Skin (Epidermis) Do?

    The top layer is predominately made up of keratin, a protein found inside skin cells. Keratin, along with other proteins, sticks together to form the epidermis. The epidermis is significant as it continuously makes new cells – approximately 40'000 old skin cells are shed by our body every day. This means that we have new skin every 30 days.

    Another essential job of the epidermis is protection against bacteria and pathogens from entering our bloodstream. The Langerhans cells in this layer are part of the body’s immune system and keep infections at bay.

    What Does The Middle Layer Of Skin (Dermis) Do?

    The middle layer of the skin makes 90% of the skin's thickness. It is the layer that has collagen and elastin. Collagen is a protein that makes skin cells resilient, while elastin keeps our skin flexible and helps give stretched skin its shape.  Likewise, the oil glands in the dermis aid in keeping the skin soft and smooth. The oil helps with the absorption of water. This layer also has a vast network of blood vessels that provide nutrients to the top layer and keep the skin's layers healthy.

    What Is Collagen?


    Different forms of collagen

    One of the most abundant proteins in our bodies is collagen. It is often referred to as the "scaffolding" that holds the body together. The word "collagen" comes from "kólla," which is Greek for glue. In the skin, collagen helps form a network of fibres for the growth of new cells. Together with the help of elastin, this dynamic team keeps the skin plump and youthful and keeps it from sagging.

    Collagen products in the market claim to improve skin elasticity, reduce visible wrinkles, and increase blood flow to the skin.

    Where Does Collagen Come From?

    Most collagen originates back to animal sources like pigs, cows and fish. The healthiest is from fish and is referred to as “marine collagen”. Vegan options for collagen might be limited, collagen is often coupled with other ingredients such as zinc, vitamin C that boost and stimulate the body’s collagen rather than contain collagen of their own.

    Collagen's Role in Our Body

    Our body naturally makes collagen, but its ability to continue its production starts to dwindle as we age. Dermatologists report that from our mid-20s onward, our skin slowly starts to lose collagen. Women can lose up to 30% of the collagen in the first five years of menopause.

    There are various ways you can reintroduce collagen into your system, through antiaging skincare, supplements and ingestion. We’ll be exploring each method in detail to see which one is more effective in improving skin elasticity, reducing visible wrinkles, and increasing blood flow to the skin. 

    Collagen Supplements

    With age, our collagen production and its quality deteriorate. It is one of many reasons for sagging, wrinkles and fine lines. While, there are many ways to introduce collagen into your body, the most common is through supplements.

    Do Supplements Work ?

    Collagen supplements are called “nutraceuticals," which means it is food that is full of nutrients that claim to better your health. They are available in various formulations like peptides, hydrolysate and proteins. But, the most common form is hydrolysed collagen, which has a low molecular weight and high water solubility. These properties make it easily dissolvable in drinks and food.

    Its most common form is as a powder for easy addition in drinks, hot beverages and smoothies.

    Other forms of collagen sources are gummies, capsules, effervescent tablets that are water-soluble, protein powders, meal replacement bars and liquid forms.

    The principle behind drinkable or ingestible collagen is that it is very effective in improving and boosting the body’s collagen reserve and its production.

    For the above forms of collagen to show results, copious amounts need to be taken, for instance, consumption of 8000-10000mg of collagen powder is required as our body breaks down most of the collagen not knowing that it is collagen.

    Topical applications of collagen are also available – most anti-ageing creams and serums are coupled with retinol and hyaluronic acid to combat the effects of ageing. Studies show that topical application of collagen gives 3-5% absorption.

    The CHV SmartFilm™ by Primine

    We believe that the best way to take collagen is through the new Smartfilm Technology introduced by Primine in Korea. It has the highest absorption rate of them all. The CHV is an oral disintegration collagen Smartfilm. Research shows that collagen taken as a film and applied through oral mucosa is 92 times more effective than oral intake or topical application of collagen-containing skincare. No water is required as the film easily dissolves in your mouth, plus it's easy to carry.

    The CHV Smartfilm can improve your skin in a friendly and pleasant way, stop hair loss, heal brittle nails and combat joint pain! This is the only collagen product that overcomes the limits of existing collagen products. The CHV consists of four core skincare ingredients:

    • Collagen

    The hydrolysed marine collagen from fish is cruelty-free. We can guarantee the quality of our collagen as it comes from the Japanese tilapia fish. It has a higher bioavailability and absorption rate in comparison to all other animal sources of collagen. Hydrolysed collagen allows for better and faster absorption in the body.

    We already know the various benefits collagen provides to our body (skin, hair, nails, joints and bone). It improves and strengthens skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen heals brittle and discoloured nails, decreases joint pain, and stops hair loss.

    • Hyaluronic Acid

    Hyaluronic acid is a skincare ingredient that needs no introduction. It is an excellent moisturiser both for the skin and scalp. HA restores and promotes a healthy and youthful glow to your skin also promotes hair growth and health.

    • Elastin

    The elastin in CH.V is sourced from fish as well. We've already discussed why elastin is essential in our bodies. It strengthens tissues, promotes scalp and hair health and maintains skin elasticity.

    • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is another potent skincare ingredient that has a thick resume. Numerous studies have shown that Vitamin C is essential in tissue repair and growth. Likewise, it is an ingredient that aids in collagen synthesis. It heals slow-growing and brittle nails and rejuvenates your skin by restoring its natural glow. Lastly, vitamin C aids in moisturising the scalp and therefore encourages the growth of healthy hair.

    These four ingredients create a powerful cocktail that packs quite a punch and remedies, not all skin but hair and nails. These four ingredients together are anti-wrinkle in nature and improve skin health and elasticity, moisturise skin and scalp, encourage fuller hair and stronger nails and support joint and muscle strength!

    How to Use the CHV Smartfilm?

     A single box contains 30 sachets of CHV Smartfilm. It has a light mint and lemon flavour that will not only refresh your skin but also your breath. To use the CHV, simply take one sachet out of the box and attach it to your inner cheek area before heading to bed. The innovative Smartfilm technology will have it absorbed within 10 to 20 minutes.

    When will you see the results?

    As mentioned above, the four potent ingredients combined with the innovative Smartfilm technology ensure that you see visible results within 14 days. It's easy to use application makes it user friendly and lets the SmartFilm work its magic while catching some sleep at night. You'll be enjoying strong and healthy hair, radiant skin and healthy nails in no time. Say goodbye to sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles within two weeks.


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