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    CHV™ Strips - The easiest collagen supplement

    Do you also want to reduce wrinkles, have glowing skin, stronger nails and healthier hair? CHV ™ is a collagen strip with a fresh taste that you can easily apply in the mouth and you will see results after 2 weeks! 

    €17,50  €69,99

    DentalN:O™- 2x XL Toothpaste Without Fluoride - Gum Repair

    Do you want to strengthen and repair your gums in a natural way, prevent mouth dryness, stop inflammation and improve your teeth overall? Then the DENTAL N:O™ from PRIMINE® is an absolute must-have!DENTAL N:O™ contains no fluoride but natural tooth and gum enhancers such as eucalyptus, propolis, ...

    €14,99  €19,99