What Is Collagen?

Collagen is one of the most important and most commonly found structural proteins in our body. It is a key component of skin, muscles, bones, and tendons, providing them with strength and form.

You can think of it as the “glue” that holds all these things together. In fact, the word comes from the Greek word “kólla,” which means glue.

There are about 28 different types of collagen, however, more than 85% of the collagen in the human body is made out of type I, II, and III. 

Collagen Type I: Found in skin, bones, blood vessels, connective tissue, tendons, organs, scar tissue, and fibrous cartilage.
Collagen Type II: Found in more elastic cartilage (the one between bones), this type of collagen is known for promoting joint health.
Collagen Type III: The second most abundant type of Collagen found in the body, after Type I. It is critical in the structure of organs, the vascular system and muscles.

For healthy, beautiful skin & hair the best is Type I.
Scientific research has found that when levels of Collagen Type I are increased, the appearance of the skin, hair and nails improves considerably.

Collagen Deficiency

Our body starts producing less collagen as we age and this deficiency is the main reason of increase in wrinkles.

Skin aging is a part of a natural human “aging mosaic” which becomes evident and follows different trajectories in different organs, tissues and cells with time. While the aging signs of internal organs are masked from the ambient “eyes,” the skin provides first obvious marks of the passing time.

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Benefits Of Collagen For The Skin

Collagen improves skin appearance (elasticity, nourishment, moisture, wrinkles, and signs of ageing). Strengthens bones, tendons, teeth, hair, and nails.
Enhances joints mobility and diminishes joint pain. Builds up muscles and assists your body’s recovery from exercise.
The amino acids found in marine collagen help protect your liver and repair it from any damage.

How To Increase Collagen Levels

Scientific research has found that when levels of Collagen are increased, the appearance of the skin improves considerably in elasticity, nourishment, moisture, wrinkles, and signs of ageing.

You can eat collagen rich foods like : Fish, chicken, eggs, berries, cashews...
But a collagen supplement can drastically increase the amount of collagen in your system.

Why Collagen Creams Have Little To None Effect

Collagen creams or serums do not work that effectively, since our outer skin layer, the epidermis, blocks most absorption.
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Why Most Collagen Drinks & Powders Have Little Effect

Our body breaks the collagen protein down with enzymes.  Up to 3 amino acids long before our body absorbs them. That’s not a lot and our body can’t tell if these come from collagen or any other proteins

Even if the collagen is hydrolysed, that's why collagen drinks contain huge amounts of collagen, to make up for this loss !

How To Increase Collagen Drastically

The cooperation between a Japanese university and the South-Korean (K-Beauty) manufacturer Primine created : CHV COLLAGEN SMARTFILM™

9200% (92x) Faster Results With CHV
Professor Daniguchi and his team at the H.Dokkyo University (Japan), show that absorption of collagen & hyaluronic acid are 92x (9200%) higher through the oral mucosa (inner cheek) compared to absorption through the epidermal (outer) skin layer.

Watch Professor Daniguchi explain it (YouTube)
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How and when to take SmartFilm Collagen?

Our product is user friendly and easy to take. It can be consumed by both men and women.
You only need 1 SmartFilm collagen a day, right before going to sleep.

Attach to the inner cheek area before going to sleep, it will be absorbed in 10-30 minutes, as shown below.

Don’t worry about the taste! 🍃 🍋

Some supplements leave you with a weird or sweety after taste. We have good news for you!
SmartFilm™ has a really nice taste, light minty and lemon flavor !

Since you are advised to take it before bed, you can sleep with a good taste in your mouth.

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen From Fish (Cruelty Free)

Many collagen supplements come from the hides of pork and beef. As a result, they offer a lower and less effective quality of collagen.
Our top-end collagen comes from Japanese Tilapia fish (cruelty free) which has a  higher bio-availability and absorption rate.

The collagen is also hydrolyzed (broken down - 1000dalton) to allow your body absorb it better and faster.
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More Core Elemens For A Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails in CHV

Collagen: Anti-wrinkle & Lifting
More than 90% of the dermal layer in our skin is composed of collagen. Collagen is responsible for maintaining the shape of the skin and strengthening its tissue, preventing the increase of fine wrinkles.
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Hyaluronic Acid: Moisturizing & Filling
Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in regulating various biological processes such as holding water to keep skin moisturized and vibrant.
It reduces wrinkles by filling up fine lines, and protects against free radicals, therefore promoting skin health.
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Elastin: Elasticity & Durability
Elastin is a key protein, highly elastic, responsible for the resilience of tissues, assisting them to return to their original shape after stretching, and maintaining the elasticity of your skin over a lifetime. Loss of skin elasticity as a result of elastic fiber degradation, is a major contributing factor in the aging of connective tissues.
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Vitamin C: Absorption & Glow
Vitamin C supports and stimulates collagen synthesis and assists in antioxidant protection against UV-damage.
Skin fibroblasts depend on vitamin C for the synthesis of collagen and for the regulation of collagen/elastin balance in the dermis. Vitamin C is highly needed for the growth, development, and proper repair of all tissues.
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Faster Anti-Aging Results With K-Beauty Technology

Scientific studies and customer feedback shows that results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks whilst it can take longer (up to 4-6 weeks) for some users.

Enjoy CH.V !

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