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CHV SmartFilm™ - 4 in 1 - Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin, Vitamin C for Skin Hair Nails - Skincare

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With the CHV SMARTFILM you can improve your skin in a friendly and pleasant way, stop hair loss, heal brittle nails and combat joint pain! The CHV consists of no less than four (4) essential components, being Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin and Vitamin C. This powerful connection in combination with the unique use ensures a 92x higher intake and you will experience visible results in just 2 weeks.

skin hair nails collagen hyaluronic acid anti aging anti wrinkle

  • Collagen (Fish)
    • Base of skin, hair, nails, joints and bones
    • Improves and strengthens skin
    • Prevents fine wrinkles
    • Heals brittle and discolored nails
    • Stops hair loss and improves thinning hair
    • Decreases joint pain
    • Study : University of California 
  • Vitamin C
    • Collagen synthesis
    • Growth and repair of all tissues
    • Healthy hair and moisturizes the scalp
    • Heals brittle and slow growing nails
    • Promotes natural skin glow
    • Study : University of Otago 

benefits collagen hyaluronic acid anti wrinkle

How do you use CHV ?
Step 1 : Take one sachet out of the box
Step 2 : Attach to the inner cheek area before going to sleep
Step 3 : It will be completely absorbed in 10-20 minutes.
review of CHV smartfilm with collagen hyaluronic acid anti aging skin repair anti wrinkle powder pill
collagen hyaluronic acid skin hair nails repais anti wrinkle aging collageen kollagen
What is inside one box
30 Sachets of CHV, providing a month long supply.
How does it taste like ?
Light minty and lemon flavor 🍃 🍋
Collagen is important
With collagen, our skin, nails and hair improves considerably in elasticity, nourishment, moisture, wrinkles, and signs of ageing.

Our body starts producing less collagen as we age, adding a supplement helps replace this deficiency.
Read more about collagen hereskin hair nails collagen hyaluronic acid anti aging anti wrinkleCollagen reduction in skin #tryCHV how does it work

CHV has 9200% (92x) faster results
Prof. Daniguchi and his team at the H.Dokkyo University (Japan), have investigated that absorption of collagen & hyaluronic acid are 92x (9200%) higher through the inner cheek compared to absorption through the skin layer.
study results skin hair nails collagen hyaluronic acid anti aging anti wrinkle

When can I see results ?
The components selected by us in combination with the advance use ensure that you will see visible results in just 2 weeks. It is very easy to use, so you have to place it on the inside of your cheek before going to sleep. While you are sleeping, the CHV SMARTFILM will do its job and you can enjoy strong hair, healthy nails and radiant skin in no time. 

Fills fine lines and wrinkles
Fine Wrinkles CHV SmartFilm collagen use hyaluronic acid

Fills wrinkles and levels skin
Forehead wrinkles CHV SmartFilm collagen use hyaluronic acid

Natural glow
Natural Glow CHV SmartFilm collagen use hyaluronic acid

Repairs damaged skin 
Damaged Skin CHV SmartFilm collagen use hyaluronic acid

Promotes & strengthens hair growthbefore after hair collagen use hyaluronic acid

Promotes & strengthen nail growthbefore after nails collagen -

Hydrolyzed marine collagen from fish (Cruelty Free)
Many collagen products come from the hides and hooves of pig and bovine.
Our premium collagen comes from Japanese Tilapia fish which has a higher bio-availability and absorption rate. It is also hydrolyzed to allow your body absorb it better and faster.

Still not convinced ?
Order a FREE sample to see how it works !

Join our CHV lovers worldwide today ! #chv #tryCHVcollagen hyaluronci acid CHV Smartfilm - Skincare - #tryCHV #CHV

Do you want to improve your skin, nails, and hair in a pleasant and friendly way without having to use creams or drinks? Order the CHV SMARTFILM immediately and see visible results in just 2 weeks!

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There are about 28 different types of collagen, however, more than 85% of the collagen in the human body is made out of type I, II, and III.

Found in skin, bones, blood vessels, connective tissue, tendons, organs, scar tissue, and fibrous cartilage.

For healthy skin, hair, nails and general beauty, the best is collagen type I. This the collagen that is being used in CHV

Improves all around skin appearance .
Strengthens bones, tendons, teeth, hair, and nails.
Enhances joints mobility and diminishes joint pain.
Builds up muscles and assists your body’s recovery from exercise.
The amino acids found in marine collagen help protect your liver and repair it from any damage.