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CHV™ Strips - The easiest collagen supplement

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Do you also want to reduce wrinkles, have glowing skin, stronger nails and healthier hair? CHV ™ is a collagen strip with a fresh taste that you can easily apply in the mouth and you will see results after 2 weeks! [split_description] CHV™ consists of 4 key ingredients, being collagen (fish), hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and elastin. No more supplements in the form of big pills, unhandy powders, expensive creams or distasteful drinks.


This is what CHV™ does for you:

  • Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Natural Glow
    Your skin strengthens and feels tighter, your natural glow returns, fine lines such as crow's feet around the eyes or mouth are filled, acne scars are also filled.
  • Shiny Strong Hair
    Scalp is strengthened and hydrated so that existing hair roots are more firm and existing hairs shine more and grow faster. New (baby) hairs are starting to form, your hair feels fuller.
  • Nails
    Nail discoloration is reversed as they strengthen and are also less likely to break. Growth of nails are stimulated and nail beds become firmer.
  • Bones, Muscles and Tendons
    Connections between tendons, muscles and bones are strengthened (collagen fibers) which benefits in mobility and pain reduction.


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Tried collagen in distasteful drinks, unhandy powders, large pills, expensive creams without the desired result?

You are not alone! Because there is such a high demand for good collagen supplements, we have developed CHV together with a Japanese university. No more false promises and difficulties of standard collagen supplements. 
Pure, effective and easy with the SmartFilm™
SmartFilm Strips are placed on the inner cheek, it will be completely absorbed in 10-20 minutes without any leftovers.
You can compare SmartFilm to medicines that you have to put under the tongue for a fast and high absorption by your body, because of this the ingredients are not broken down in the stomach but go directly into your system.

SmartFilm is based on starch which your body completely absorbs without leaving any residue and is approved for safe use in the European Union.


Hydrolyzed marine collagen from fish (Cruelty Free)
Many collagen products come from the hides and hooves of pig and bovine.
Our premium collagen comes from Japanese Tilapia fish which is proven to be safer and more effective. It is also hydrolyzed to allow your body absorb it better and faster.



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There are about 28 different types of collagen, however, more than 85% of the collagen in the human body is made out of type I, II, and III.

Found in skin, bones, blood vessels, connective tissue, tendons, organs, scar tissue, and fibrous cartilage.

For healthy skin, hair, nails and general beauty, the best is collagen type I. This the collagen that is being used in CHV

Improves all around skin appearance .
Strengthens bones, tendons, teeth, hair, and nails.
Enhances joints mobility and diminishes joint pain.
Builds up muscles and assists your body’s recovery from exercise.
The amino acids found in marine collagen help protect your liver and repair it from any damage.