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    GINOFOS+ - Superfood - Ginseng, Ginger, Black Garlic, Bitter Gourd

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    Do you want a remedy with which you can increase your immunity and resistance while giving an energy boost? Then the GINOFOS™ is the ideal solution!

    GINOFOS+ - Superfood - Ginseng, Ginger, Black Garlic, Bitter Gourd
    GINOFOS™ consists of no less than 4 different ingredients from South Korea, namely red ginseng, black garlic, ginger and balsam pear. This combination will give you more energy, reduce your stress and your mental performance will be improved, which subsequently results in an improved balance of your body.

    The remedy is also known as being superfoods from South Korea. In addition, we use patented nano-fermentation technology, which ensures optimal effectiveness and improved absorption rate. From now on, meetings will not make you exhausted and you can get up every morning full of energy.

    Why the GINOFOS™ superfood :

    • Consists of red ginseng, black garlic, ginger and bitter gourd
    • Increases your immunity and resistance
    • Start every morning full of energy
    • Reduces stress and improves your mental performance
    • Is absorbed quickly and effective by the body
    • Is available in pill form and is easy to use
    • Is also known as superfood remedy in Korea
    • Brings your body and mind back into balance 
    Ginofos - Premium Ginseng Black Garlic Ginger

    Consists of natural products
    GINOFOS™ by PRIMINE® is made from high quality products, being red ginseng, black garlic, ginger and bitter gourd. This combination improves the immune system, but at the same time contributes to faster recovery from fatigue. Furthermore, it is an absolute must-have if you have concentration problems and want to boost your memory and focus.


    • Ginsenoside RG1 + RB1 + RG3 (1%)
    • Immune system boosting
    • Improved memory & focus
    • Energy boost
    • Antioxidant
    • Stress reducing
    • Study : Red Ginseng Monograph




    ginseng black garlic ginger strong body mind

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    We believe it is very important that customers are satisfied with their purchase, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Are you not satisfied with your purchase or do you have questions and/or remarks? Please contact us and together we will look for a suitable solution.

    Do you want to boost your immune system in an effective and body-friendly way? Then order the superfood supplement of PRIMINE® and be surprised by its unique effect!




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