CHV smartfilm users experience review

Thousands of people choose CHV over traditional collagen products for their skin, hair and nails.

With the CHV SMARTFILM you can improve your skin in a friendly and pleasant way, stop hair loss, heal brittle nails and combat joint pain! CHV consists 4 essential components, being Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin and Vitamin C.

This powerful connection in combination with the unique use ensures a 92x higher intake and you will experience visible results in just 2 weeks.



Anne Marie - France

They are so handy to use, just after two weeks, I have less pronounced wrinkles and my skin is glowing !

Ilse - belgium

I had amazing results with my hair! I suffered a lot from hair loss and dull hair, after a month of CHV, a lot of little hairs started growing and my hair had more volume ! My skin seemed more plump even though I didn't do anything special in my skincare routine.

Uli - Germany

I think the result is impressive. Of course, my wrinkles don't go away completely. I don't even want that. But my skin is fresher, more elastic and especially the lines around my
mouth are significantly reduced. Nice effect !!

Desirée - Netherlands

I have been using CHV for a month now and I believe that you should use a supplement for 2-3 months to be able to give a review. But, I'm making an exception for this because I'm simply starting to notice a clear difference. Without making any significant changes to my skincare routine

4-in-1 Supplement : Collagen hyaluronic acid elastin vitamin C


This powerful combination of ingredients and the unique use ensures a 92x higher absorption which improves you skin, hair and nails from within without the need of pills, powders, drinks or creams.

Order the CHV SMARTFILM and see visible results in just 2 weeks!



What Is Collagen

Collagen plays an essential role in the human body. It is present in the dermis or middle layer of the skin, where it forms a network of fibroblasts (fiber cells) that aid in the generation of new cells. In other words, it helps in replacing the dead skin cells with healthy cells, keeping your skin firm and supple.

But that's not all. It is also an essential component that helps maintain healthy nails, bones, joints, muscles. Collagen also plays a vital role in maintaining cardiovascular health.

Info : Collagen

What Is Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring chemical found in the fluids in the joints, the eyes, and the tissues. It is a part of the fluids that act as cushioning in the joints. Hyaluronic Acid is often used for chemical purposes to remove signs of aging and restore the skin's suppleness. 

One of the primary signs of skin ageing is dehydrated skin. If you want your skin to look young and plump, you will have to keep it hydrated.

Info : Hyaluronic Acid

Why Vitamin C Is Essential

Vitamin C is an essential element that human beings need to consume for healthy bones, tissues, and eyes.
Vitamin C is also a preferred ingredient amongst dermatologists as it is effective in removing signs of aging and can help make your skin look youthful and supple.

Info : Vitamin C

What Is Elastin

Elastin is the critical protein found in your skin that lends it its natural elasticity. It is an extracellular protein matrix that makes your skin supple and smooth.

Elastin has several benefits other than helping you retain the elasticity and suppleness of your skin. It can help reverse signs of aging and remove wrinkles.

Info : Elastin