CHV Tested:

CHV Tested:

I have tested a collagen trend from Korea!

CHV test review Andy Sparkles

I love Korean beauty trends! They are often so innovative and effective. Collagen is super trendy because this substance, which is produced naturally in the body, can have so many positive results on skin, hair and nails. I've used it a lot too! But here the collagen is not drunk, but a small golden foil film (the CHV SmartFilm) is placed on the inside before bedtime. There it dissolves then slowly! The active ingredients are supposed to be better absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth. Does this work?

How does Primine CH.V work?

In the package you get individually wrapped little golden papers that feel like foil. This is the CHV SmartFilm™! Inside is collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin and vitamin C. For skin, hair and nails. You can find the individual modes of action listed in detail on Primine's homepage.

A 30-day package is currently cheaper to have, in the sale for 69.99 euros, with free shipping. Who likes, can also first order a free sample!

Through the SmartFilm, which is absorbed through the oral mucosa, the active ingredients are said to be absorbed up to 92x better! The collagen is thereby obtained from a Japanese fish.

CHV review tested by Andrea Sparkles

The collagen trend from Korea in the test - my experience!

Why collagen at all? With increasing age, the body produces less of its own collagen. But this substance is very important, it provides firm, wrinkle-free skin, hair and nail growth. In our diet it is sometimes difficult to really balance this. That's why collagen supplements are so hyped!

Smart Film is supposed to taste like mint and lemon. That sounds good at first, and it's true - almost. Because once I put the film in my mouth and on the inside of my cheek, it slowly starts to melt. The taste is perfectly okay at first, but the aftertaste bothers me a bit. I have therefore started to apply the film already 30 minutes before bedtime. Then I have enough time to wait until everything is dissolved, can brush my teeth again and prevent the aftertaste something. This has otherwise disturbed me a bit when falling asleep.

But the effect can be seen! After four weeks of daily use, I have definitely seen that my nails are less brittle and also my skin is cleaner. This was certainly also due to the vitamin C. Even the small blemishes that I sometimes have were gone. That is why I will continue to take it.

What are your experiences with collagen and what do you think about the collagen trend from Korea? Would you like to test it?

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Andy Sparkles testing CHV SmartFilm from Primine

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