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CH.V Collagen SmartFilm

Today (ha!) I serve a portion of K-beauty of a completely different nature. I was extremely intrigued by this product and was therefore eager to test it. In contrast to the conventional skincare that you apply to the skin, the CH.V Collagen SmartFilm goes for an oral application - in itself it is a dietary supplement.
Now I am not a hero in taking nutritional supplements - those tablets are usually very large and that makes swallowing a real ordeal for me. But these Collagen SmartFilm supplements are literally tiny slices - they look a bit like a gelatin sheet - that melt away in your mouth. What a convenience!

Although my convenience is especially a nice side effect: the SmartFilm was developed in this form because it significantly increases the absorption of the collagen. In the classic way, a skincare product with collagen is smeared on the skin, but the epidermis prevents maximum absorption. The SmartFilm melts away on the inside of the cheek and there the collagen is absorbed up to 92 times better than on the outside.

Specifically, you will receive a box with 30 individual sachets, so that the product remains fresh and you can also dose well. The idea is that you stick a SmartFilm on the inside of your cheek every night when you go to sleep and then let it melt away. It tastes lemony, with a hint of mint and melts away in half an hour. Personally, I don't like a taste in my mouth after brushing my teeth, so I - the rebel - don't use the SmartFilm in the evening but early in the morning. It takes a little practice not to start chewing the SmartFilm, but if you tuck it slightly between your cheek and gum, it will work fine.

What exactly is in that SmartFilm? First of all, collagen - a body protein that ensures, among other things, a firm and elastic skin. Unfortunately, our body's collagen production decreases over the years, resulting in sagging skin, softer skin tissue and wrinkles, so boosting this doesn't hurt. The CH.V Collagen SmartFilm works with hydrolysed marine collagen, which has been broken down into such small molecules, so that it is better absorbed by the body. Along the same lines, it contains elastin - another protein that allows the skin to return to its original shape after being stretched. Vitamin C supports collagen synthesis and helps rebuild the skin barrier as an anti-oxidant. Finally, I am also happy with the addition of hyaluronic acid - for the necessary hydration and plumping of the skin.

Skin care and certainly nutritional supplements work best if you are consistent in their application. It also always takes a while before you see effective results - I test skincare for at least a month and nutritional supplements usually require a test round of one to three months. I myself am just under a month away with this CH.V. Collagen SmartFilm. First and foremost, the ease of use is a big plus for me, and I'm not just talking about the thin film, but also the fact that for a weekend away you just throw two extra sachets in your bag, which hardly take up space. The fact that they succeed in transforming skincare into a thin film is also very cool to me. After years of blogging, I was surprised again with a novelty and my curiosity was stimulated!

I do not see any extreme or drastic changes on my skin: I am of course already an avid skincare user and have been feeding my skin extra love for years. However, I am now in my late 30's and am still estimated to be much younger, so if a product contributes to that and my skin responds well to it, that is definitely a good sign. 


beauty loves CHV smartfilm review and test


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