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    Beautyopinie review of CHV smartfilm with collagen hyaluronic acid anti aging skin repair anti wrinkle powder pill

    Collagen drinks and supplements have become immensely popular in recent years. Is this the secret to young, glowing skin? I put it to the test and have used CH.V SmartFilm for the past period. In this blog post you can read more about it and I'll tell you about collagen and skin aging.

    Collagen and skin aging, what exactly is that?

    Collagen is a natural substance that is important for your health. It is best known for its effects on the skin as it keeps your skin elastic, taut and glowing. But it is also important for your muscles, bones and cartilage. So it's an important material. Only, the older you get, the less collagen your body naturally produces. So you guessed it; the decrease in collagen is the beginning of the aging process.

    It is not for nothing that increasing this collagen is so popular. And how logical does it sound to do this from the inside? You can do this by simply eating healthy. For example, fish, chicken, egg, berries, bouillon and cashews are high in collagen. But let's be honest, we all know that getting enough vitamins is sometimes difficult. It is therefore not surprising that collagen drinks and supplements have become so popular in recent years.


    Does it make sense to take collagen?

    I posed that question to myself before I immersed myself in taking collagen. I am quite down-to-earth and often skeptical about these kinds of 'trend-sensitive' beauty solutions. Yet over the years I have also heard enough good stories that made me curious. So when CH.V asked me if I wanted to try it myself, I was immediately hooked.

    effecten collageen

    CH.V SmartFilm review

    CH.V is a brand that sells collagen supplements, but slightly different. They are collagen films, which I can best describe as thin sheets that you attach to the inside of your mitten, just before you go to sleep. The idea behind this is that the absorption in your oral mucosa (the inner cheek) is much higher.

    That sounds very logical to me. When I had a vitamin D deficiency a few years ago, my doctor also prescribed supplements that I had to take that way, because he thought it was better. In addition to collagen, the smart films contain vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and elastin. No kidding, in principle this product only contains vitamins that already occur naturally in your body.
    collageen slikken
    CH.V collageen

    When I first saw the smart films I thought of nicotine patches, you know what I mean haha? It seemed distasteful to me, but it was anything but that. The smart films taste like a combination of lemon and mint. Deliciously fresh! You stick such a sheet on the inside of your cheek, just behind your molars, and then it slowly melts away. Like brushing your teeth.

    I find the CH.V SmartFilms very nice to use and definitely recommended if you want to take extra collagen. Unlike all kinds of pills, it contains no fillers or other additives. They are pure vitamins that are quickly absorbed by your body. In addition, many collagen supplements come from the hides/hooves of pigs and cattle, which are often of lower quality. CH.V uses collagen derived from Japanese Tilapia fish (animal testing free) and is approved as a supplement in Europe.
    heeft het zin om collageen te slikken

    I can imagine that you are now very curious about the effect. I feel like my skin is a lot more elastic and fuller, but unfortunately I can't support that with photos. It's purely a feeling, I wonder if anyone else sees it. Now I naturally (thank you mama!) have few wrinkles, that could be the reason. Moreover, last week I suddenly noticed that my nails break much less quickly and are stronger. Whether it really makes sense to take collagen is a difficult question to answer. But collagen is important for your overall health, not just your skin and in my opinion an extra dose every now and then certainly can't hurt.

    Beautyopinie Natascha

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