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    collagen skincare happyage

    Just to get straight to the point…. If you are 40 and do not take collagen every day, then you really should read on. Because beautiful and healthy skin comes from within. In my years as a skin specialist I have come across this so often. What you put in your body you see on the outside. Today I want to inform you about the importance of collagen as a beauty supplement, are you reading along? In this article I tested the CHV Smartfilm. Curious about my experience, then read on….


    What is Collagen:

    So what exactly is collagen? Collagen occurs naturally in our skin. But after a certain age (from your 30th) our collagen production decreases. Collagen is a protein that consists of amino acids and makes up roughly 30% of the proteins in the body. These are hard and strong structures that are found all over the body. Collagen is therefore one of the most important building blocks for your skin, muscles, tendons and connective tissue. In short, we can never have enough of this. And since it becomes even more difficult to produce collagen from the age of 40, it is nice to lend nature a hand by taking collagen supplementation.

    Benefits of collagen:

    • Improves the appearance of the skin (elasticity, nutrition, moisture, wrinkles and signs of aging)
    • Strengthens bones, tendons, teeth, hair and nails.
    • Improves joint mobility and reduces joint pain.
    • Builds muscle and helps your body recover after exercise.
    • The amino acids found in marine collagen help protect and repair your liver from any damage.

    About CHV Smartfilm collagen:

    CHV SmartFilm Collagen is the most advanced Type I Collagen available on the market. Thanks to the smart film technique, it quickly dissolves in your mouth without water and is absorbed more effectively by your body. Studies show that the absorption of collagen is 92x more effective via the oral mucosa compared to the absorption via the epidermal skin layer.

    Therefore, CHV SmartFilm is a unique advantage over the various other types of collagen available on the market, such as pills, creams and powders. All you have to do is place a smart film in your cheek every night before you go to sleep. The film is completely shot within half an hour. Many people have resistance to the taste of some collagen supplements. Some have an unpleasant (fishy) aftertaste. CHV SmartFilm has a very nice taste, it is a combination of lemon and a hint of mint, and since you are advised to take it before bedtime, you can sleep with a good taste in your mouth. Win win situation anyway!

    My experience and results

    I've been using these smart movies every night for over a month now. Easy to take every night just before going to sleep and so nice without a bad fishy taste. The smart films taste great so it is certainly not a punishment to take. I notice that my skin is starting to look better and my nails are also improving. I want to use these smart films longer, partly because I find it very useful to take them before going to sleep instead of on an empty stomach. At least my skin looks a lot brighter again, so I'm happy with it. I also noticed that I suffer much less from hair loss that I normally suffer from around this time of year. Coincidence I don't think so. Above 40 you really can't do without a daily collagen intake, so in my opinion a really happy aging tip!


    collagen skincare happyage


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