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You've heard nothing but good about collagen lately. It's great for tighter skin, stronger nails and fuller hair. It also helps keep your bowels calmer with irritable bowel. The annoying thing is that drinks are often not tasty (as in very sweet), and I certainly do not like taking pills. And as now, a product such as the collagen smart film comes along, which is very different and innovative.

The collagen smart film is a kind of stamp that you stick to the inside of your cheek. Not to worry, it dissolves in some sort of minty flavor. You don't feel it, and it dissolves on its own. It gives you a fresh taste in the mouth, and it doesn't really bother you. Handy if you want to lose weight because you really can't eat for a while and your mouth feels so fresh that it is a shame to ruin with food.

The smart film has 9,200% more absorption and therefore works much faster than anything else on the market. I think it's a really nice way to get my collagen. My skin has definitely improved. I could post photos, but of course you don't see the fine lines very well in a photo anyway. So you only have my word for the time being. I can definitely recommend it!

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The product is πŸ” the skin is plumped and glowing!!! 😍


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