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    Benefits of elastin in skin care

    What is Elastin?

    Elastin is the critical protein found in your skin that lends it its natural elasticity. It is an extracellular protein matrix that makes your skin supple and smooth. But the skin is the largest organ of your body. The continuous exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun and other harmful elements like dust and grime can cause havoc to your skin. The elastin encoded in your ELN gene slowly loses its integrity over time and with age. 

    Elastin skin glow benefit

    Elastin extracted from fish better?

    Elastin hydrolysate, when extracted from fish, tends to have more of the proteinaceous component, which is necessary to bring back skin elasticity. In fish elastin, the amino acid composition is also significantly higher. This makes it easier for your body to absorb the elastin faster.

    During the manufacturing process, it has been found that the peptide content of the elastin is also higher in fish-based elastin, making it healthier for your skin. 

    benefits elastin on skin

    What are the benefits of elastin?

    Elastin has several benefits other than helping you retain the elasticity and suppleness of your skin. It can help reverse signs of aging and remove wrinkles. If you want to have smooth and youthful skin, your skincare products must be infused with elastin. With age, your skin tends to lose its natural elasticity, and you need to replenish it with skincare products that have elastin. Some of the benefits of elastin are as follows:

    1. Strengthens tissues

    Elastin can help provide resilience and elasticity to your skin and tissues. It is the primary ingredient that helps make your skin supple. It is more vital than collagen to provide resilience to the tissues beneath your skin. But with age and exposure, your skin will tend to lose its natural elastin, which needs to be replenished. Sun damage is one of the primary causes of loss of elastin. If you find your skin to be lagging or your skin to be wrinkled, it is primarily due to the loss of elastin from the tissue beneath your skin. This needs to be replenished internally. You cannot replenish the lost elastin by adding products externally, such as serums or creams. 

    1. Maintains and improves skin elasticity

    Your skin's elasticity can be maintained only when there is sufficient elastin in your skin. This is because the elastic needs to be present in the epidermal and sub-dermal layers. But with continuous exposure to the sun's UV rays, the body's ability to manufacture elastin often gets reduced, and you can observe that in the form of wrinkles and lines in your skin. If you want to prevent these signs of aging from becoming permanent, you need to add elastin externally.

    1. Increases scalp and hair health

    Elastin is necessary to improve the health of your scalp. It helps keep the scalp moisturized and ensures that the follicles are properly anchored onto the scalp. This is essential in preventing unnecessary hair loss and also ensures that your hair does not become rough and frizzy. Elastin is also a necessary ingredient for developing peptides in your body which is necessary for the growth of healthy hair. Thus, elastin is necessary to improve scalp health and ensure healthy hair.

    Therefore, if you are looking to improve the health of hair and your skin, you must use a skincare product infused with elastin, as it is the primary ingredient that maintains the inherent elasticity of your skin and tissues. When you use the CHV SmartFilm, you can be assured that the elastin will be easily absorbed in your body, and you will see a marked improvement in the health of your skin and hair in a matter of days.


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